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Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Business Plans

Assessing where you are today, defining your 

operational and financial goals, then developing a strategy to achieve those goals.

Accounting Services

The path to success begins today. Accurate accounting records are a critical first step in assessing where a business is today, to begin planning for tomorrow

Finance Optimization

Technology and processes need to work, so that you can focus where it matters most.



We focus on growth -

and simplicity.

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Our Founder, Michaela Johnson, leads with compassion, honesty, and integrity while driving results and productivity. After spending 15 years helping corporations build operations and cash flow from the ground up, she has committed her focus to helping businesses simplify operations and grow to achieve core financial goals. 

Michaela's passion is building and growing 

businesses, ultimately to help entrepreneurs achieve their operational and financial dreams - always keeping it simple.

Whether your business needs assistance with setting and achieving operational or financial goals, organizing records and reporting results, or defining and implementing processes and technologies for efficiency and reduced costs - Brigid Sona Advisors is happy to help! 

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Let’s Work Together

Established in Pennsylvania - serving the US

Tel: 609-968-0312

Thanks for reaching out!

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